Why Use Us ?

Our staff at SGW work to build a relationship with all our clients. This relationship enables a mutual understanding and allows for the best support to be continuously provided and for the success of your business to be maximised.

SGW really are a ‘one-stop shop’. As you would expect, we can help with all accounting requirements, whether it be: Business Plans, VAT Returns, both personal and business tax and statutory accounts, we do it all. We ensure that you and your business are always compliant and receive the best advice possible.

A responsible approach

At SGW we prioritise our clients; we recognise their needs and desires and address these to make sure you receive the best service.
Each client has a tailor made service to ensure that their needs are met efficiently and effectively. The team at SGW prides themselves on the ability to do this and also our proactive nature to get the job done in a timely manner.

We recognise that not all clients are the same so we ensure that not a generic service is offered, we offer one that suits you and your business.
Here at SGW, no matter what time of the day we will always be at the end of the phone for clients or be available for meetings.
At SGW, our clients are not just a number, they matter.

Our Promise

At SGW everything we do and work towards is for the success of our clients and to ensure that their financial affairs are burden free with our assistance. We can achieve this by fulfilling our promise to you:

Free Initial meeting

We understand that everyone has different work patterns and commitments so are therefore flexible around you. We can meet at any time, including weekends, at either our premises or yours to discuss your business needs and also what sort of service we can provide.

Tailored Fixed Fees

At SGW we understand that not all our clients have the same needs so we tailor a quote to suit the individual or company to ensure it is fair and reflective of any work involved. In addition, there are no hidden costs included, we quote a fee for the year which can be as comprehensive and inclusive as you like. There will be no additional hourly charges or a hidden fee, what you see is what you get.

Constant Support

We are always at the other end of the phone, on email or available for a meeting to discuss any advice, offer clarification or help strategize for future success. Our aim is to relieve the financial administrative burden our clients may feel in this ever changing economic environment.

Flexible Accountants

We are flexible to you, we will travel to you and at times that suit you. We want to make life as easy as possible for you.

No over Complication

We understand that tax and accounts can be daunting to understand so here at SGW we ensure that all information is conveyed in a clear and concise manner that is easy to understand and interpret so that all our clients have clear clarification and no chance of misunderstanding.

Storage and paperwork

Paperwork can be a burden but you do not need to worry at all; we accept all formats (spreadsheets, bin bags, boxes). We will collate it, process it and keep it safe for you. We will also inform you if we feel there are any gaps in information to ensure the full picture is being captured.