There are two options for getting started:

  1. A Quick Chat – a 15-20 minute call to ask a few questions about whether you would like to work with us as your accountant, if you decide to progress, then we’ll get you booked in for a Deep Chat
  2. An Deep Chat – a 45-60 minute meeting (zoom or in person) so we can talk about your business and where we can help and to provide you with a quote for our services.

It’s up to you where you start, depending on how much you know about us (if you don’t know much about us, have a looksie around our website), and whether you have specific quesitons off the back of that – it might be sensible to start with “A Quick Chat”. On the other hand if you like the look of working with us and you’d like to have a deeper discussion about how we can help you and also receive a full proposal through email for working with us.

Please note that we are unable to provide ‘free advice’ with a free consulation as we would not be covered by our professional indeminity insurance to do so. To provide advice, we need to understand you, your business, the situation in which you are asking your questions and we would also need to be covered by an engagement letter.