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So you’ve heard about the Kickstart Scheme, now you’d like to learn more about it.

Please watch the following presentation or if you’d prefer to flick through the presentation, that can also be found below (next to/under the video)

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Do you still have questions after watching this presentation? Please give us a call on 01489 232782 and ask to speak to Susan, or email her on

How to Apply

Please complete the following Google Form to provide SGW with the information we will need to submit a Kickstart Application on your behalf.

You will receive an automated confirmation that we have received your application, and we will keep you updated as things progress. Please remember that while DWP processes have gotten better over the last year, they are still quite slow, but they and we will try our hardest to get you approval before the closing date of 17th December.


  1. When you have been approved, we will send you a contract via email to sign confirming that you’d like to take on the placements that you have been approved for. We wil also send you a Vacancy Template for you to complete. Please ensure you complete all parts of this and that you send it back to us for checking – Do NOT send back directly to DWP – we can help avoid delays with anything being completed incorrectly.
  2. Once we have received the signed contract and the Vacancy Templates back, we will check and send your completed Vacancy Template into DWP for them to process and upload onto their system.
  3. Either you will receive communication directly from DWP or we will receive communication that your placement is now live on the system and you will start to receive referrals. Please make sure you save these referral emails, they contain the Introduction ID that all your funding will be pinned to.
  4. Send a copy of your driving license & passport via whatsapp to 07853 803665
  5. Send your Business bank account name, account number and sort code via whatsapp to 07853 803665
  6. Book an ID verification call with Elyse if you’ve not met her in real life or on video call before (this is to satisfy our anti-money laundering processes) –

Finding and Accepting an Applicant

You will get some people referred to you via the job centre, although not all referrals will result in an application – some young people will be referred, but never actually take the step to send you their CV/application.

If you go out and find your own applicants, when you find one you like the look of, you will need to ask them to go to the Job Centre and ask their Work Coach to refer them for the placement under your company name. You will then get the referral email with the Introduction ID in it.

Please be aware that some DWP teams are saying that we are not allowed to advertise the roles, and it must all be done through the job centre “per the signed contract” – please review the wording yourself, but our (legally unqualified!) opinion is that it does not say that at all, it only says that any potential placement must be processed by the Job Centre – which as this guide suggests in the previous paragraph, is what we do anyway! Please make your own decision on the wording of the employer’s agreement, as noted, we are not legal eagles!

For over 18 applicants, your interview/hiring process and contracts etc will be normal, please remember that anyone under 18 will require special safeguarding as they are still children.

When you have your applicant that you would like to accept into your placement, please complete the following Google form so that we will be able to process your funding when it arrives.

Please also make sure you diarise to email your Introduction ID and the start date of your placement to DWP (you can just reply to the referral email) on the start date as that initiates the initial £1500 grant.

We have worked with RoCHe Recruitment to bring you this help sheet to help you promote your placement:

Receiving the Funding

While our agreement with you confirms that we will pay the monies over to you within 7 days, very often we are transferring monies on either the same day or the next day – not only does this help you with your cash flows, it also helps with our financial governance of these grant monies as we clear the account before the next remittance is paid in ensuring it has all been distributed.

The £1500 initial grants officially land with us 14 days after the start date/the date you informed DWP that your placement has started. However, we have noticed many are landing at about 7 days after the start date.

The first of the monthly wages is triggered 6 weeks after the start date, and then the remaining wages payments are made after 4 week intervals.

It is also sometimes taking an extra few days to be processed through DWP, so please be aware the timings are not exact.

The calculation of the wages part of the grant is a bit of an anomaly on how they work that out – there seems to be a strange formula that we are waiting to hear more about. As a result, the grant you receive won’t necessarily match exactly how much you pay your placement – as soon as we have an update on how they are calculated, I’ll update this section.

If you need any assistance running payroll, please feel free to get in touch with Elyse –

Apply for Further Kickstart Placement(s)

Want another Kickstart Placement?

Please let Susan know how many and what job roles they will be. You could even get ahead of the game and send over the completed placement template ready for when it is approved.

We can submit additional applications at any time, so no waiting for 30 more placement applications!