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We are a Kickstart Scheme Gateway organisation – please note, the scheme has now closed to new applications. If you have any queries about an existing approved vacancy, please contact the office on 01489 232 782.

We are very proud to be able to share that to date we have helped 25 employers access £503,706 to help pay 107 young people, providing them with paid work placements.

Introducing Elyse Burns-Hill

Elyse Burns-Hill AFA MIPA ACMI – Director of SGW Accountants & Business Advisors

Elyse is the the Managing Director of SGW Accountants and is a qualified, experienced accountant and business advisor. As well as the podcast she launched in August 2021, Elyse is also an Amazon best selling author with 2 books currently available on Amazon to help small business owners with their tax, and several more due to be released early 2022.

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Elyse is passionate about helping to reduce stress as a business owner through access to knowledge (which she provides through her books and video training) and providing a superior service.

Elyse aims to eradicate business related stress in the UK and help business owners lead fruitful and joyful lives.

If you would like to connect with Elyse on Social Media, she is most active on the following platforms:

Services We Offer

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Elyse’s Book Shelf

If you would like to purchase any of these books, they can all be found for sale or pre-order on Amazon (links are next to each book), or if you ask Elyse nicely, she might just give you a copy!

Business & Tax for AVON Reps


A book to guide you through setting up financial goals for your Avon business, bookkeeping your business and submitting your self assessment.

> Record Keeping and Registration

> Setting Financial Goals for your Avon Business – 5 reasons why it’s really important to set financial goals – Step by step guide to setting your financial goals – Step by step guide to achieving your financial goals – How to develop a prosperity mindset

> Productivity and Time Management – Overcome procrastination with mini tasks – Do more in less time and have more time to yourself

> Bookkeeping your Business – Campaign recording sheets – Summary sheet – Video links and QR codes for easy access to the training

> Submitting your Tax Return – Step by Step Screenshot guide – Links to video

Simple Bookkeeping for Small Business Owners using the PARSAQ Bookkeeping Method

Available from 1 March 2022

Many small business owners attempt to do their own bookkeeping when they first start in business in order to keep costs down compared with outsourcing the work to a bookkeeper. However, they’re not trained in bookkeeping, so it creates a huge amount of stress for them because they are doing something they deem as being quite important (HMRC penalties for getting things wrong are the major source of concern).

Elyse has created a bookkeeping method to support small business owners with keeping their own books and also keeping their stress levels down. The method she has created is called the PARSAQ Bookkeeping Method, and wire frame for which can be found here….XXX

This book contains more in depth information about the method and each step within.

How to Be An Awesome Accountant

Available from 1 May 2022

Whether you are an accountant in training, employed, self-employed or have ambitions of running a big firm, you need to read this book. I have always believed that life is a game, and you need to know the rules to win the game – same with being an awesome accountant, if you know the things you need to do to BE that awesome accountant, then you will succeed. If you want to know…get reading!

Elyse is still perfecting her thoughts on this book, so it will be a few months before this book comes out.